Baby Massage Rockhampton

Baby Massage Rockhampton

Congratulations on your baby. Baby Massage offers a great chance to grow closer to your child.

I am an Infant Massage Instructor through Infant Massage Australia. I have taught quite a few mums baby massage - it is very rewarding!

Baby Massage is a fantastic opportunity for both parent and baby and must be experienced to fully appreciate the benefits.

These benefits include:

Another benefit is bonding - positive touch is very important for your baby as it embellishes love and trust.

I offer private sessions (one-on-one) and group workshops.

Baby Massage Sessions are run on baby time so there is no stressing if baby needs to be changed, fed or cuddled.

You will be given an information booklet to take home for future reference.

On a personal note - my son is 8 years old and I still use the same techniques that I was taught when he was 10 weeks old, on him now :-)

Infant Massage Australia

“Infant Massage Australia – our mission statement – IMA is committed to empowering parents and enriching families through the nurturing touch of Infant Massage – fostering healthy communication, understanding and love for children in our society.”

Offering massages whilst in hospital at the Mater Rockhampton Hospital - Enquire now so you to can enjoy this great opportunity!

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