Welcome to Lisa Briggs, Pregnancy & Labour Massage Specialist

Pregnancy is an exciting journey, one that has many physical and emotional changes. Pregnancy and Labour Massage can reduce the toll these changes take on body and mind

Lisa Briggs specialises in supporting you and your body through massage from preconception to birth through to motherhood and beyond.

Lisa has completed extensive training in pre and postnatal massage which makes her a specialist in the field. Because of this training, Lisa will massage her pregnant clients from the 1st Trimester onwards.

It is important that you receive care from a qualified therapist who is trained to address specific pregnancy needs.

Lisa also stocks a variety of pregnancy related products that are not easily accessible locally like lactation cookie kits and herbal teas.

Lisa's clinic is based at her home in Gracemere and is family friendly so your children are welcome to come with you.

Offering massages whilst in hospital at the Mater Rockhampton Hospital - Enquire now so you to can enjoy this great opportunity!



Having a massage is always good but when pregnant, you want to be sure that you’re in the right hands. I found Lisa to be exceptional.

She treated me in the later stages of pregnancy and provided me with so much relief. I loved her massages – so much so that I went back after my baby was born! I also took my hubby to her partner training session – we did that instead of going to antenatal classes.

If you’re not so keen on the antenatal classes, then I would definitely recommend it. I believe it made my hubby feel more confident and more proactive in the labour ward. My husband asked Lisa so many questions and she was able to answer them all – even the embarrassing ones! I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough – definitely worth it!


Lisa is amazing. She made me feel at ease during the massage and targeted my lower back pain. Felt like a new woman after the massage.

My husband and I attended the labour massage course which was a life saver during labour and reduced the amount of medicated pain relief I needed significantly. I purchased a peri peri kit which helped postpartum healing. Our new family went to Lisa’s introduction baby massage course which baby loved.

Lisa was there every step of my pregnancy, she truly went above and beyond and genuinely cares. Thanks Lisa!


My back would not have survived 9 months without massage therapy! Who better than someone who has studied the area!

Not only is Lisa an amazing masseuse but she also has sooo much knowledge surrounding the well-being of a pregnant woman! As I learnt today (having to take my 4 week old to my appt) she is also very giving & patient. I can’t recommend this service enough!


Whether it be pregnancy, post pregnancy or baby massage, Lisa is amazing. Lisa, you rock!

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